Courgette Fritters with Mint Sauce

Courgette Fritters with Mint Sauce

I love homemade mint sauce, especially during the hotter months when mint is in season and so fragrant it makes all the food shopping smell minty. It goes perfectly with these courgette fritters and a piece of simply roasted salt and pepper salmon to turn this snack into a main meal. 
The fritters are very moreish and the best part is there is no carbs involved, also a great vegan snack and baby friendly if you omit the salt and chillies. Serves 2 as a main and 4 as a starter.

Courgette Fritters
2 cups of grated Courgettes
1 Spring Onion
½ Green Chilli
½ tsp ground Coriander
½ tsp dried Coriander
½ tsp Garlic Salt
½ tsp red chilli flakes
1 cup of Gram Flour
Salt and Pepper
Spray Oil              

Mint Sauce 
25g Mint Leaves (1 bunch of supermarket Mint)
½ Granny Smith Apple
1 green Chilli
2 Spring Onions
1 Garlic clove
3 tsp Water
Juice of ½ Lemon
½ tsp ground Coriander
½ tsp dry Mango Powder (Optional – just adds a touch of sourness)
Salt and Pepper


Frying Pan
Food Processor


1.Grate courgette, finely slice spring onions and green chilli
2.Combine all ingredients together and mix well to form a batter, I did not add any additional water as I found the courgettes contained enough naturally

3.Heat a frying pan and lightly spray with oil before placing one tablespoon of the batter to form small pancakes, cook for 5 minutes on each side on a low/medium heat until batter is cooked through and golden brown

4.For the mint chutney combine all ingredients together in a food processor until smooth and taste for seasoning.