Instant Cheesecake

So I made this in two version the first was with caramelised bananas which to be honest I found too rich, but the strawberries instead work really well. A great dinner party desert that you can create in minutes but still looks impressive and brilliant way to use up all those leftover strawberries now Wimbledon has ended.

Serves 4


125g full fat Cream Cheese
150ml Crème Fraiche
85ml Double Cream
125g Dulce de Leche
Pinch of Sea Salt
50g Caster Sugar
4 Chocolate digestive biscuits
10 Strawberries
Milk/Dark Chocolate bar


Rolling Pin
Ramekin/Serving Glass

1.Whisk together the cream cheese, crème fraiche, double cream, Dulce de Leche, sea salt and caster sugar

2.Place chocolate digestives into a plastic bag and smash to create a crumb using a rolling pin

3.Slice up strawberries

4.Layer a ramekin or glass with the chocolate digestive crumb, followed by the cream cheese mixture and topped with strawberries

5.Finish with grated chocolate to add a final touch