Apple Berry Crumble Cake

Apple Berry Crumble Cake

Happy Diwali all, hope all those that are celebrating have a lovely day filled with most importantly delicious indulgent cake. This is not a typical Indian sweet that is served on Diwali however it still taste just as good, especially with a spoon of thick creamy custard. The perfect combination of sweet crunchy crumble on top of soft sharp fruit all baked with a moist fluffy cake underneath. This also makes a great dinner party desert during these colder autumn evenings, especially if you are not sure if you want a crumble or cake as it’s the best of both worlds. I really enjoyed baking this recipe and hope you all get to enjoy a warm slice soon.

Cake Layer
160g Caster Sugar
200g Stork
2 Eggs
1 tsp Vanilla extract
150g Plain Flour
150g Self Raising Flour
180ml Whole Milk

Fruit Layer
1 Braeburn Apple –peeled and finely sliced
1 handful of Blackberries halved
1 handful of Blueberries

Crumble Layer
50g Plain Flour
70g Soft Brown Sugar
2 tsp. Ground Cinnamon
50g cold Unsalted Butter cut into small cubes
1 tbsp. Demerara Brown Sugar

20 cm cake tin with a removable bottom makes this cake easier to remove
Pre-heat oven to 170 Fan, 190, Gas Mark 5


1.Cream together the sugar and stork for around 5-7 minutes

2.Add the eggs and vanilla

3.Add the plain flour and half the milk

4.Add the self-raising flour and half the milk

5.Spoon mixture into a lined and greased cake tin and smooth over

6.Top with chopped fruit


7.Combine flour, soft brown sugar, cinnamon and butter into a crumble mixture using your hands

8.Top the fruit with the crumble mixture and add a final sprinkle of the demerara sugar to add a crunch to the top layer

9.Bake for around 1hour 15 minutes – which seems like a long time but this is a large cake – check if ready using a wooden skewer – cool on wire rack

10.Serve warm