Chocolate Chip Cookies With a Dash of festive Chocolate Orange

Chocolate Chip Cookies

Me and Bubba had lots of fun making these on several occasions over the festive period, they are so easy to whip up and cook quickly meaning you get to eat them even sooner. This was the first time we did any baking together but he really enjoyed mixing it all together and enjoyed even more being able to eat his creations. For the Christmas version we added pretzels to the top to create antlers and used a chocolate orange button as a nose.
You can omit the chocolate orange buttons and just top them with regular chocolate chips or chunks instead but I love the flavour of chocolate orange and Christmas time always reminds me of eating a whole Terry's chocolate orange. This Christmas I had a packet of the exploding candy version, delicious and fun.

So to get back into the swing of things and back to blogging our recipes find below the easy way to recreate this soft, chewy, melty chocolatey cookies at home. Just in time for the January detox :)

Makes 10-13 cookies

Oven preheated to 160 Fan, 180 or Gas Mark 4


100g Soft Brown Sugar
120g Unsalted Butter
120g Caster Sugar
1 medium Egg
1 tsp Vanilla Extract
220g Self- Raising Flour
200g Chocolate Chips - any flavour you will like - reserve a few to sprinkle on the top


1. Using a wooden spoon beat together the brown sugar and butter

2. Add in caster sugar, egg, vanilla extract and flour.

3.Add in chocolate chips

4, Using two teaspoons place a ball of mixture onto a lined baking tray. Add a chocolate button and reindeer antlers if making next Christmas

5.Cook for around 9-10 minutes until edges are just beginning to brown and middle is still chewy

6.Allow to cool for 10 minutes before enjoying warm.