Homemade Egg McMuffin

Egg and Avocado Muffin

Breakfast, especially weekend breakfasts are one of my favourite meals to eat. Growing up at the weekends we would always have a special breakfast of either a fry up, omelettes, waffles or the Indian version of stuffed parathas or puris. So I always find unless its a very busy weekend morning I try to make the time to cook and eat something special. Although, it is even tastier when someone else cooks it for me. You can often find us at my mums on a Sunday morning enjoying a lazy brunch. 

Whilst on maternity leave I brought myself a new tefal toaster which included an egg attachment, since every day was now my weekend it meant an easy and healthy way to poach or fry eggs. 
Now to be honest I never really ended up using it much but it does make the BEST homemade McMuffins, so much tastier than their original fast food version, and to be honest just as quick as ordering one if not faster. If you do not happen to have this toaster lying around then you can use a metal ring instead in a saucepan to cook your egg, just spray it lightly with cooking oil first, crack the egg in and place a lid over the saucepan to allow the egg to cook evenly for around 5 minutes depending on how you like your eggs. Normally for poached and fried eggs I love runny yokes however in this muffin as it is eaten as a sandwich I would suggest cooking the yolk all the way through. 

I could talk about breakfast forever and I think I could probably eat various breakfast items for lunch and dinner too, if I didn't have to also feed Mr S and Bubba. For now please enjoy the recipe below and do let me know if you make these how they turn out. They go great with hash browns, potato waffles, sausages and a bowl of fruit on the side. 

Makes 4 to serve either 2 hungry people or 4 not so hungry people 


4 English Muffins sliced down the centre
2 ripe Avocados
4 Eggs
4 Cheese slices (now I used this fake cheese, I have made them with cheddar but it did not taste as good, so if you eat them Monday- Friday use real cheese if you eat them on a Saturday or Sunday the fake stuff is fine)
Butter for spreading on the muffin
Cooking Spray oil


1.Slice the muffins and add to the toaster
2.Spray the little saucepan inside the egg maker with spray oil and crack an egg into it, switch on toast and egg machine
3.Whilst the toast and egg cook, slice up an avocado

4.Once the toast and egg machine switches off, remove the muffin and butter
5.Remove any excess water from the steam on the egg using a paper towel 
6.Place avocado onto muffin

7.Top avocado with egg and cheese and seasoning
8.Dig in and enjoy