My Baby Essentials Shopping List

Key Essentials To Buy for Baby

When expecting a baby, aside from the fact there is a tiny human growing inside you the other overwhelming task is getting yourselves prepared and ready for this new chapter in your lives.

Towards the end of the pregnancy a lot of mums to be experience nesting feelings, wanting to create a  safe, welcoming and organised home. This normally results in a lot of cleaning, tidying up and baking at least that's what I did last time around. This time around lets see what happens ..... think cleaning up after a toddler each day is enough 'nesting'.

I have put together the list below that we used when we were expecting Bubs, there is a lot on it and how essential it is depends on your budget and how much space you have. One thing you will quickly discover is how much space such a small person needs, especially when you start receiving the giant delivery boxes containing it all.

In terms of shopping for it we went with the John Lewis Nursery service which I found amazing and always recommend it to parents to be. We spent the afternoon in their Oxford Street branch with a very knowledgeable sales person who helped compile a list of all the items we needed. What I liked most was being able to see the products and test them, they have a large selection so it is also easy to compare them all with each other. The best bit being after you finish they give you free tea and cake.

I was then able to choose a delivery date close to be due date for all the items to arrive, in terms of pricing they also automatically price match, even against on line retailers such as amazon however the customer service and after care is great. For example Bubs moses stand arrived chipped so I called them to request a replacement which they were happy too and told me to keep the original chipped one also free of charge rather than returning it back to the courier. This worked out great as we had a stand both upstairs and downstairs.

From personal experience with purchasing the below and using them my opinions are:

- Pram
Probably one of the biggest purchases you make, we went for the Silver Cross Surf along with the matching car seat and moses basket attachment so the whole package. Bubs used the moses basket mainly during my brothers wedding where he was only around 2/3 months old and it was great he could sleep completely flat for the wedding events but after this only used it for the few odd walks. We mainly used the Pram with the car seat attached, this was the most convenient when he was younger and would often fall asleep even in short car journeys. The actual seat attachment he did not use very much as he much preferred his cheaper foldable buggy we brought when he was 8 months old. It was good pram and we will use it with Bubs v2.0 too but it is very big, bulky and heavy. Not the easiest to get in and out of a boot on your own.

- Buggy
I did not add this to my list as most parents do not buy this until their baby is older and they are off on holiday, however they are great and a lot can be used from birth, if you short on space or do not want to spend so much I think they do a great job when out and about. We again went for the Silver Cross Zest which is slightly more expensive than other pushchairs but I managed to get mine half price just shopping around and spending the extra money has worked out worthwhile as its still going strong after doing around 20 flights. You are able to get newborn inserts to make them more comfortable for younger babies.

- Car Seat
I think the most important thing with car seats is more the Isofix base, makes it so much easier for putting them in and out of the car. I actually really liked the Silver Cross Car seat as it came with a footmuff and solid canopy too, meaning when it was attached to the pushchair during winter especially he was nice and cosy.

- Moses Basket
Again nice to have when they are young, especially for day time naps as you know they are safe. I went for Moses Basket which as it is made out plastic is slightly larger than most wicker ones and lasted Bubs for around 3 months, you can now get Snoozebaby and other sleeping devices which could be used as an alternative to the basket. I am still undecided on buying one or seeing how Bubs V2.0 does in the basket first.
I would say you need a safe, flat place for your baby to spend the many hours of sleeping they do in those first few months so one of the above options would be an essential.

- Changing Station
I think this is another one of my essentials, you change far too many nappies to bend over a bed or on the floor to not have one. I had mine custom made with storage underneath for nappies, wipes, creams etc but any changing station would do, especially if you have a C-section.
For a changing mat I went for Wedge Changing Mat which was great once Bubs got older and started to roll around as the wedge prevented him from getting too far away.

- Bouncer
Again a great item to buy, especially when you are alone at home as it just gives you a few minutes to place your baby somewhere safe when you need to do something such as showering. Again lots on the market at different price points - we went for Tiny Love Gemini Bouncer which I loved especially as it was slighter longer and Bubs used it a lot even when he was around 8- 9 months old.
Another item not on the list but worth getting or borrowing is the Bumbo Floor Seat, as the baby starts to sit up it just gives them a better view of the world and also doubles up as a high chair in the early days.

- High Chair
Not something you need to buy at the outset, unless you are us. Bubs is currently using the Stokke Tripp Trapp which is amazing and comes with a from birth attachment so we will buying this for Bubs v2.0 meaning she can join us at the table for meals. Not essential but for our family life I think this will be really beneficial, otherwise I find the second baby ends up in the bouncer looking up whilst everyone else eats.

-Baby Carrier
I think these are quite baby dependent, some kids love them and others hate them. Bubs loved his and it was often a life saver, he used his a lot for the first year of his life and we could not have done without it.

-In -ear thermometer
You never know when they will get their first illness and this is perfect to get an accurate temperature reading before seeking professional medical help.

-Feeding Pillow
One of the most used items I brought, beginning with whilst you are pregnant, to be in labour and then after to actually feed the baby, great for raising them up and putting less pressure on your stomach and back. I got one which came with two washable covers, which was perfect for all the milk spill ups.

- Feeding equipment
I would hold off buying pumps, sterilisers, lots of bottles etc until the baby arrives and you know which method you will be using to feed them. Some for example do not take to breastfeeding and others do not take to bottles. Most items are available either on the high street, supermarkets or same day/next day delivery so you can always make these decisions after.

In summary, you can have a huge shopping spree but try and stick to the essentials, talk to other parents for valued opinions but remember each baby is different and their needs will change as they grow. Have fun shopping :)