Homemade Rakhi - DIY using string and beads

DIY Rakhi

This is my first ever DIY post, as I am now on maternity leave I have a lot more spare time to do all the creative craft stuff I never normally get a chance to do, or more often than not that I start but never end up finishing.

With next week Monday 7th August marking the festival of Raksha Bandana, Rakhri or Rakhi, an Indian festival celebrated to mark the bond between brothers and sisters. Traditionally a sister would tie a Rakhi ( Decorated thread similar to a friendship bracelet) on her brothers wrist, this symbolises her caring for him and in return he makes a promise to protect along with a gift which is normally money or jewellery etc.

Since Bubs is going to be a big brother very soon to his little sister I thought it would be nice to make him a personalised one from her this year to celebrate his new title, I also decided to make them for my brother and cousin too.

After tying the Rakhi you also offer your brother something sweet to eat, each year I try to get something different. Some of the sweet items I have done in the past includes protein bars, homemade muffins, Millies cookies, Mini Cupcakes, Chocolates, Sweets etc. This year again being at home I am planning to make some fusion Barfi, an indian fudge so pop back in next week to see my recipe for this.

For the string I used cotton embroidery thread cut to the desired length and the beads I sourced from eBay - coloured beads, there are hundreds to choose from.


1. Take three strands of cotton, large enough to be tied around a male wrist

2. Thread beads onto all three strands

3. Knot beads into place

4. Wrap additional thread around cotton after the knots for decoration and cut off excess thread for a neat finish

5. Plait remaining thread

6. Attach tassels onto the ends of thread to secure into place

7. Final product