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Young Children Toy Present Guide 2020

The older they get the more fun toys get for grown ups too, I think the big difference I noticed at this age is they start to play with more toys that are group activities such as board games, building toys and also are able to use electronic or learning toys more effectively.

3- 4 Years

1)Orchard Games - these are so fun and easy to play. They encourage turn taking, sharing and are great for the whole family to get involved.

2)Board Games - for this age group some of my favourites are hungry hippo and tumbling monkeys.

3)Junior lego - Lego is always a classic, I particularly like this set that comes in its own carry case, easy to store and take along with you when playing outside the home.

4)Dressing Up Outfits

5)Magnetic Tiles - these are cheaper than the branded ones but work exactly the same.

6)Meccano Junior

7) Mellisa and Doug - my love continues for these toys as they develop with the child as they grow.

4- 5 Years

1)Guess Who - more complicated board games such as this, operation and Orchard Games also do older versions

2) Memory Games - lots of versions of this card game exist but its always a fun one, and one I normally lose at too. Other simple card games include snap too.

3)Spirograph - Building on their drawing skills, and who doesnt remember creating endless mandelas using this.

4) Digital Camera - they do great kids version, but we just gave my oldest an old Digital Camera which he loved using to capture moments.

5) PJ Masks - this also the time they will have a strong preference for any toys that are their favourite character, I think these are great for encourage story telling and imaginative play.

6)Maths Cubes - I shared these recently in a post as I just love them, small enough to travel with, larger than lego and so many uses.

5- 6 Years

1)Hatchimals - our house has been taken over by these tiny little cute plastic figures

2)Aquabeads - great for fine motor skills and creativity, the tiny beads are a bit annoying but easily hoovered up, I have ordered this on repeat for so many birthdays now.

3)Lego  - finally the age when they can build, play and design their own lego toys, and for parents the pain on stepping on these tiny pieces of plastic.

4)Ipad - Kindle fire etc, I think electronic devices can be useful, we put off getting one until he turned 5 just out of personal perference, it does have some great learning resources and also obviously kids youtube.

5)LOL Dolls

6) Powerrangers

7)Guitar - musical instruments

8) Any toys they have seen unboxed on you tube, as this is not the generation who watches tv adverts or flicks through the argos catalogue.

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Toddler Present Toy Guide 2020

Following on from my post for suggested Baby presents, find my continue list below for toddlers. The age at which they become mobile, begin to have opinions and show a preference for their own opinions, interests and often favourite characters.

In terms of toys, its also a great age as I feel they finally begin to engage in play with others around them, rather than merely showing a slight interest in the objects you place in front of them.

You get to watch them get attached to the most random items, and also have some much fun playing with the same toy over and over.

1 - 2 Years

1) ScuttleBug - We recieved this as a present and both of mine loved it, also folds up so easy to store, or place in the boot of the car, any ride on including small cars, balance bikes etc encourage movement and a way to learn to use your legs in another way.

2)RolePlay Toy - Pushchairs, cooking toys, pretend fruit and veg, any real life items they see you using they will love, as suddenly they no longer see themselves as babies and can show you how independent they are. I always get asked about this pushchair when it appears on my stories, its actually my sons, who recieved it as his present from his little sister when she was born. Really good quality and can even take the weight of my 2 year old ( obviously not recommend or part of the health and safety testing ).

3) LeapFrog interactive toys - This icecream cart is so fun, younger kids can just use it as a roleplay toy and as they get older are able to listen to instructions, use counting skills and encourage teamwork when playing with friends, we orginaly saw it on a playdate at a friends and the kids love it, even when its not ice cream weather.

4)Duplo Lego - Always a great present, can be added to an existing collection or the start of a brand new one, even older kids love going back to the larger bricks. I recently used it on an activity table at my daughters 2nd birthday and it was more the 5 year olds that were playing with it than the 2 year olds.

5) Coluring Pencils - These crayons are fab, always take them with us when eating out or going away, no need to sharpen and provide endless hours of essential mark making skills

6)Wooden Puzzle - Mellisa and Doug do great quality wooden toys and puzzles, again they stand the test of time and are still in perfect condition to be passed down to younger cousins. This threading activity is lots of fun to and helps with shape recongnition.

2- 3 Years

1) Dyson Hoover - maybe because they always watching you clean up after them, but kids just love this, one of the first toys to cause a fight.

2) Toy Kitchen - Even more roleplay toys, I love them and so do my kids, we have now moved this upstairs into the nursery and sometimes at weekends the kids will wake up and go off and play for 20 minutes giving us an extra lie in. They both still love cooking in it. Any role play toys I think are great, but the hoover, pushchair, kitchen and supermarket till are our most used.

3)MagnaDoodle - I have larger and smaller travel versions of these for drawing on the move without any of the mess, also similiar to the Aquadoodle.

4) Plastic Animals - We have a huge box of plastic animals collected over the years, great for scene building, encourage questions about the environment and world. Now that my oldest is 5, he has watched a few nature documentries, recently the one about sharks and recongnised so many from his plastic shark collection.

5)Playdoh - Even though I kind of hate the stuff for the mess it leaves and that sickly smell, there is no doubting its awesome ability to keep them quiet for a long time. Although I am guilty of sending most of the playdoh presents we recieve to my parents for them to play with them there ..... on their cream carpet.

6) Scooter - building on the ride ons, a bigger present for sure but you can get cheaper alternatives and its perfect to encourage their confidence and spend time outdoors.

7) Character Preference  - This is also around the time they begin to show a preference for a favourite character or tv programme so its always worth asking what they are into the most at the moment.

I hope you found these useful and if you are looking for other age groups check out my links belows:


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Baby Present Toy Guide 2020

To be honest with you all, most of the children I know, mine included are very lucky when it comes to toys in the sense that they all have more than they could ever need or want. So I am always hesitate when it comes to buying toys as a present. My first choice is normally clothes and books, as those you can never have too many off. For all my nieces and nephews I just buy pajamas at Christmas, and I will continue to do this until they tell me to stop, and for me books just continue to give and give, even when they are get older and they reread a story from when they were younger they still love it, our bookshelves are bursting and that is just the way I like them. Even when they get doubles of books I just leave one at my parents so you can never go wrong gifting someone the joy of paper.

However, even when I was a child there was nothing like unwrapping a toy for your birthday or at Christmas, so as much as I may love clothes and books, I know that most children would much rather have toys.

I had this discussion a few days ago with my Mum, who said the kids have way too many toys. Which they do have, but I also know that these days are short, as much as the mess drives me crazy and I love to close the door to the playroom, I also know that the days they will spend on computer games or playing with their phones up in their bedrooms is also not that far away. So let them be little and play with all the toys they can manage.

So below are some of the toys I find myself purchasing again and again for all the new additions in our friends and family and for the manyyyyyy birthday parties we spend our time attending. I always get asked what the kids would like or need and sometimes it is so hard to answer so I hope this list can provide a starting point for you all. Most of the toys below are the more simpler classic ones, as I find my kids return back to these again and again even at the age of 5 and 2, I have tried to include the toys that have withstood the test of time, please click the links to see images and examples of where to purchase.

0 - 3 Months

1) Baby Black and White Book - As they can only see in black and white initially this is great to give them something to focus on for the short time they are awake for, also sometimes you do not know how to entertain them when they are so young so at least you feel like you are doing something useful.

2) Rattle - I love this rattle as its soft and with a great musical bell to get babies attention and encourage gentle head movements.

3)Links - I am not sure the official name for these but they are so versatile, great for attaching toys to highchairs in restaurants, baskets on planes, car seats, and as toys within themselves.

4) Baby Mobile - Great for attaching to cribs, Moses baskets or jungle gyms to give babies something more stimulating to look at and follow, although I still do not know any babies who fall asleep to it, more playtime.

5) Personalised Items - My favorite shop for this is My 1st years, blankets, clothing, gowns, toy trains, toy boxes, basket etc are always a lovely present for a newborn and they all come beautifully gift wrapped.

3-6 Months

1)Lamaze toys - My kids had sooo many of these by the time they both turned one, however they are great and I passed them on happily to the new babies in our family as they last really well. Colourful, fun and with lots to catch their attention.

2)Floor Tiles - Lots of fun designs to choose from now, these are great as babies become more mobile and begin to situp and try to explore their surroundings.

3)Tummy Time Roller - I am yet to meet a baby who loves doing tummy time, I guess its a bit like adults and sit ups, so this tries to make it more fun, you do not actually use these for that long, so I do not feel you need to spend a lot on them but they do help make the process less painful for both babies and parents.

4)Sophie - Teething Toys - I love Sophie, but any type of teething toy at this age makes a great present, to help soothing those gums.

5)Baby Maracas - I have lost count how many of these baby musical shakers I have ordered, they make great party bag fillers for younger guests and perfect for little hands to grip.

6- 12 Months

1)Building Blocks - My kids have these exact ones, a present from over 4 years ago and they are still going strong, so many uses from alphabet learning, building forts and towers to practicing finer motor skills.

2)Stacking Rings - Another wooden toy that both of mine will still pull out and take apart and then put back together using team work skills.

3)Tomy Eggs  - I remember buying these when my oldest was around 6 months from the local supermarket for £5, inflation I have found has increased the prices over the years but still one of my favourite presents to buy for babies. My kids still play with it, trying to match the colours and shapes as they get older.

4) Pull- along Toys - Great to help with crawling and cruising at this age.

5) Musical Tables - Perfect for cruisers and to encourage standing, both of mine walked fairly early on, partly as they spent most of their time playing with similar tables to these,  the exact ones they had are no longer available.

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