Young Children Toy Present Guide 2020

The older they get the more fun toys get for grown ups too, I think the big difference I noticed at this age is they start to play with more toys that are group activities such as board games, building toys and also are able to use electronic or learning toys more effectively.

3- 4 Years

1)Orchard Games - these are so fun and easy to play. They encourage turn taking, sharing and are great for the whole family to get involved.

2)Board Games - for this age group some of my favourites are hungry hippo and tumbling monkeys.

3)Junior lego - Lego is always a classic, I particularly like this set that comes in its own carry case, easy to store and take along with you when playing outside the home.

4)Dressing Up Outfits

5)Magnetic Tiles - these are cheaper than the branded ones but work exactly the same.

6)Meccano Junior

7) Mellisa and Doug - my love continues for these toys as they develop with the child as they grow.

4- 5 Years

1)Guess Who - more complicated board games such as this, operation and Orchard Games also do older versions

2) Memory Games - lots of versions of this card game exist but its always a fun one, and one I normally lose at too. Other simple card games include snap too.

3)Spirograph - Building on their drawing skills, and who doesnt remember creating endless mandelas using this.

4) Digital Camera - they do great kids version, but we just gave my oldest an old Digital Camera which he loved using to capture moments.

5) PJ Masks - this also the time they will have a strong preference for any toys that are their favourite character, I think these are great for encourage story telling and imaginative play.

6)Maths Cubes - I shared these recently in a post as I just love them, small enough to travel with, larger than lego and so many uses.

5- 6 Years

1)Hatchimals - our house has been taken over by these tiny little cute plastic figures

2)Aquabeads - great for fine motor skills and creativity, the tiny beads are a bit annoying but easily hoovered up, I have ordered this on repeat for so many birthdays now.

3)Lego  - finally the age when they can build, play and design their own lego toys, and for parents the pain on stepping on these tiny pieces of plastic.

4)Ipad - Kindle fire etc, I think electronic devices can be useful, we put off getting one until he turned 5 just out of personal perference, it does have some great learning resources and also obviously kids youtube.

5)LOL Dolls

6) Powerrangers

7)Guitar - musical instruments

8) Any toys they have seen unboxed on you tube, as this is not the generation who watches tv adverts or flicks through the argos catalogue.

 For younger children see my links below: