Baked Chicken Satay Drumsticks

Baked Chicken Satay Drumsticks

For me a dish that delivers big on Asian flavours, but can all be put into one dish in the oven is a big winner, not only for time and convenience but it means I get half an hour to do something else, rather than watching a pot on the stove.

After the huge flavour hit we experienced in Malaysia in February, I was craving a good satay again. I knew I could not replicate the atmosphere of eating satay sticks on the street but I could try to get that sticky, salty and nutty flavour just right. Rather than fiddle around with getting chicken breast or thighs onto a stick I decided to use drumsticks instead, my kids love the soft meat on these and my oldest loves to break it off the bone cave man style. 

This is a perfect recipe to prepare beforehand when you are on your lunchbreak at home for example, and then put it into the oven later in the evening when you are ready to eat. 


900g of Chicken Drumsticks 
400ml of Coconut Milk( 1 can) 
1 cup of Chicken Stock
1/2 cup Crunchy Peanut Butter
1 tbsp Brown Sugar
3 tbsp Low Salt Soy Sauce
1 lime squeezed 
1 inch of Ginger grated
4 Garlic cloves crushed
Handful of coriander 
2 tbsp Crushed Peanuts 
Salt and Pepper to taste 


1. Pre heat oven to 190Fan/200C/Gas Mark 5
2. Remove the skin from the drumsticks, I always make the husband to do this job.
3.In a bowl whisk together the coconut milk, chicken stock, peanut butter, brown sugar, soy sauce, lime, ginger and garlic.
4.Place drumsticks in tray and pour over mixture - either leave like this in the fridge until ready to cook or bake straight away.

5.Bake for around 35-45 minutes until chicken is cooked through.
6.Remove drumsticks onto a warm plate and allow to rest.
7.Finely chop coriander stalks, leaving the leaves for a garnish.
8.Pour sauce remaining in baking tray into a saucepan  along with coriander stalks and reduce down for 10-15 minutes until its sticky and thick. 

9.Serve with rice or noodles, satay sauce over the top or on the side and sprinkled with crushed peanuts and coriander leaves.