Home Learning Theme Days

Home Learning Theme Days
These have been my favourite and to be honest easiest days to organise. I guess I just love a theme, birthday parties, dinner parties, baby showers .... any excuse to have a theme. So why should learning be any different.?

Themes we have covered so far:

Books - I am going on a bear hunt
Countries - France 
Food - Pizza

Books - I am going on a bear hunt activities 

  • read a book - love a traditional read along, this book is great because of the sound effects and repetition 
  • Drew and built pictures using different craft materials
  • Watched the animation - a bit of downtime in front of the tv so I could do some of my actual day job. 
  • Did the yoga story - Cosmic Kids yoga have a great story for kids to follow along, even my 2 year old loves it. 
  • Outdoor sensory scavenger hunt 
  • Bear cookies 
  • Write a book review 
  • Make bear puppets
Other books we are planning on exploring 
  • The tiger who came to tea
  • The hungry caterpillar
  • Funny Bones
  • The Three Little Pigs

Countries - France Activities

  • watch French tv/cartoon show - Madeline
  • Read a French story - Babar, this book is stunning, we were gifted a beautiful full edition with illustrations. 
  • French lesson with language and songs, their Masi (Auntie) ran this virtually via Zoom
  • Writing practise
  • Cooking and eating French food - madeleines, baguette, French cheese 
  • French numbers 
  • Learning about history and geography 
Other countries we want to explore more:
  • China
  • India
  • Spain
  • Kenya

Food - Pizza activities 

  • Menu writing - great for practising literacy skills
  • Order taking via FaceTime - communication, listening and literacy skills
  • Shapes and numbers with toppings - remembering the basics for my 5 year old and teaching new ideas to my 2 year old
  • Sharing out pizza slices - sharing was the theme for maths this week from school
  • Number recognition 
  • Arts and crafts - colouring in pizza plates
  • History of pizza - their Mamiji (Auntie) did a facetime lesson on this. 
  • Learning about toppings
  • Making dough and kneading - sensory and messy play
  • Chopping toppings
  • Cooking pizzas
Other foods we will be exploring 
  • Ice cream
  • Bread
  • Pies 
  • Biscuits
A photo diary of some of the activities we have been up to in the first two weeks of being at home. 

Ipad Learning

Online Nursery Zoom Classes

Recognizing numbers, quantity and mark making

Eyeing up choc chips

Creative Art Work

Baking Cookies

Copying what she has seen, reading books to her baby

Messy Play with Play Doh

Maths Skills

Helping making lunch, egg whisking

Washing animals with pipettes for fine motor skills and messy play

Indoor Scavenger Hunt

Following instructions, matching numbers and shapes

Creating our Takeway pizza menus

Baking Madelines

Matching shapes

Number and quantity matching

Pizza Plates

Music Lessons in Pjs