Kitchen Elements

Kitchen Elements Utensils, Chopping Board and Food Covers

One of my favourite things to do when I travel, is to buy random kitchen equipment, I love the fact that my cupboards have the best noodle bowls brought from a dark alleyway in Hong Kong, mini ceramic serving spoons from Lisbon and steel Thalis from Mumbai. Even before my kitchen was built I began to collect these little trinkets for myself.

My two favourite shops in any country, are always the supermarket and a kitchen shop, if I spot one in the distance I will always make a beeline for them. Since we are not going away at the moment, like the rest of the world, it was lovely to receive this package from a new company called Kitchen Elements contain some beautiful pieces. It also arrived on a day that the sun was shining, so it felt like my holiday shopping was complete.

I order this from amazon via - Utensils and Chopping Board, with Prime it arrived the next day, all packaged really well to avoid any damage.

Chopping Board

I normally use plastic chopping boards, as I always felt that wooden ones would hold more germs as they are harder to wash, so the first thing that impressed me with this one was the built in anti-bacterial agent. The other big thumbs up for me was the rules, I am always looking for one in the kitchen especially when baking. 


The first thing that impressed me with these, was the weight and quality of finish to the items, I like using non-stick pans, so these are perfect to not cause any damage to them. I already knew the large spoonala would be my favourite and really enjoyed cooking with it. Not only was it perfect when stirring but always at getting every last drop of leftovers out of the pan.

Food Savers

We always end up with a tiny amount leftover, so these are great to cover up a small bowl, also used the larger one to cover up my marination and it kept all the smells inside, rather than making the rest of my fridge smell.

Disclaimer: All items were gifted, but all views expressed are my own.