Maltesers Barfi - Indian Fudge - Rakhi Sweets

Following on my last post for - Chocolate Crunchie Bar Barfi I also at the same time made a Maltesers version, with this one being much more like fudge in texture. 


397g Condensed Milk
200g Dark Chocolate
200g Milk Chocolate
50g Malt drinking powder
80g Icing Sugar
200g Maltesers

20cm X 20cm Brownie Tin


1. Line tin with greaseproof paper

2. Melt the condensed milk along with the dark and milk chocolate together over a low heat, will take a few minutes ensure the chocolate does not burn
3. Mix chocolate milk with malt powder and icing sugar and beat together until fully combined

Ummm yes not the greatest looking picture :) 
4. Add in 150g Maltesers

5. Press mixture into brownie pan and top with remaining Maltesers
6. Cool in the fridge for around 5-6 hours

7. Cut into squares and serve

Final Rakhi Tray