Tel Aviv with Toddlers - Part 5 - Restaurants

The main places were we ate during our trip to Tel Aviv:

1.Halevantini - @halevantini. 

A delicious no fuss, traditional Israeli fast food shop. We shared a huge platter of meat, rice, chips and bread with all you can eat pickles served by the side of the till.

2.Nonno Angelo - 

When you need something a little different from the local cuisine and that you know will keep the kids happy. Really enjoyed both the pasta and pizza here and they were great with accommodating the kids too. 

Thats my girl

3. Falafel Gabay -

Another great quick street food establishment, always busy and with food to back it up. Mainly serves hot fresh Falafel but the meat options and desert was also great.

4.Olive Korner 

I loved my main, especially the dressed rocket with the lamb kofte, the kids meal however was really disappointing with a very tasteless tomato sauce on the pasta.

5. The old man by the sea

Very much a tourist trap but worth a mention, significantly more expensive than other restaurants. As soon as you sit down around 30 salads are presented to you, and if you dare to finish one it will be refilled, so a lot of food wastage. Everything here is about minimum spend per person including the children and huge upsetting on large seafood. The prawns and fish we shared were tasty but compared to the more local homely places the vibe here was just completely different. Good views but would not recommend it.

Desert Places:


Create your own frozen yoghurt, the only difference being all the toppings are included from a self serve buffet. Means self control is the name of the game to avoid overloading your frozen yoghurt. The kids loved the freedom and number of choices available.


Lots of healthy lollies, acai bowls and yoghurt options.

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