Biscoff Barfi - Rakhri 2020

Biscoff Barfi

After a recent vote on sweet treats to make, barfi came out top, one of my most popular recipes without a doubt is my Chocolate Crunchie Barfi, which I know a lot of love remaking for special occasions including Rakhi.

Rakhi is a festival often celebrated in summer which marks the relationship between siblings, traditionally a sister will tie a string onto her brother and offer him something sweet to eat with it, in return she will receive a present or money. The significance behind it being he promises to look after her for the year to come.

We celebrate this every year and so do the kids, which is lovely to see, they both exchange rakhis but much prefer chocolates to barfi. Stay tuned for some kid friendly rakhi treats next week.

This recipe for Biscoff Barfi is not very traditional, or prepared in a traditional way but its simple to make and the taste is amazing!! Even if your not a fan of biscoff as a biscuit or spread, in this form along with the touch of cardamon the caramel flavours really work in a barfi.

I love coming up new twists to traditional flavours and really enjoyed creating these three unique ones for Rakhi 2020.


300g Biscoff Biscuits
300g Biscoff Spread - Smooth
397g Condensed Milk
50g Unsalted Butter
50g Icing Sugat
Pinch of Salt
1 tsp ground cardamon
300g Milk Chocolate
2 tbsp Biscoff Spread
5/6 Biscoff Biscuits


1. Line an 8"x8" square tin with cling film or baking parchment
2. Crush the biscoff biscuits, leaving a few tablespoons aside for the topping.
3. In a pan heat together the condensed milk, biscoff spread, butter, icing sugar, cardamon and salt.
4. Cook over a low heat for around 5-7 minutes until it has thickened and comes away from the sides of the pan.
5. Combine with crushed biscuits and place in the tin, smoothing down the top, refrigerate for one hour.
6. Melt the milk chocolate and stir in the biscoff spread, pour over the top of the barfi and sprinkle over the crushed biscoff biscuits.
7. Set in fridge for 3 - 4 hours at least before cutting into squares and serving.

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  1. Wow 🤩 love this idea ! I normally do the plain pedas .. or buy chocs ! Hardly anyone eats mithai..😔

  2. Can't wait to try these....looks amazing & defo kid friendly 👌

  3. Will definitely be making this one. I'm addicted to Biscoff!

  4. Biscoff Barfi is specially made for the Rakhi event that is very popular in the Indian community in which the brother and the sister love show. The biscuit Barfi picture and the making of this sweet are cleanly said in the description with the custom essay writing service uk motivation that can touch them all in mood.


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